BDO Canada findings on the Kemptville College Business Feasibility Assessment (BFA)

The Municipality of North Grenville commissioned the BFA as part of its continuing interest in acquiring Kemptville College and operating it as a multi-tenant education/community hub.


Ontario Government Press Release Ontario seeking a Sustainable Future for Kemptville Campus

Ontario has established a working group to explore the feasibility of new models for delivering learning, training and instruction at the Kemptville campus in Eastern Ontario.

The working group will explore what courses and programs could be offered at the campus, as well as which organizations could help deliver them. The group will look at ways for the Kemptville campus to continue to focus on agriculture and food education as well as considering offering courses in health and wellness, business and trades training. The working group will submit their findings in late fall 2015.


Ottawa Citizen Working group established to discuss future of Kemptville Campus

The group consists of representatives from the University of Guelph, the Municipality of North Grenville and the United Counties of Leeds and Grenville, as well as representatives from the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs and Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities.

They’re expected to lay out the groundwork for future courses and programs, find potential organizations that would help deliver those courses, and find new models for teaching — in other words, a plan to save the school.


Blackburn News Seeking Ag-food solutions for Kemptville Campus


Cornwall Newswatch Kemptville College working group to look at programming options

A working group, comprised of university, municipal and government members, will be looking at what course and programs can be delivered at the Kemptville campus.

The group will look at various new models for delivering learning, training and instruction at the Kemptville facility and how they could be delivered.

It’s expected to submit its findings in the fall.

“We see the group’s efforts as forming the basis of a sustainable business plan leading to a not-for-profit corporation to renew and redevelop Kemptville campus into an educational and multi-institutional campus relevant to Eastern Ontario, particularly in the areas of education and training, health and wellness and economic development,” said North Grenville Mayor David Gordon.


Brockville Recorder Group forms to mull campus use

The working group, which has been in talks for almost two months, will explore what agriculture and food-related courses and programs could be offered at the campus, as well as the organizations that could help deliver them.

Brian Carre, Chief Administrative Officer for the Municipality of North Grenville, is co-chair of the working group and has played a key role in determining the future of the former Univerity of Guelph location.

“It’s a multi-institutional campus so we’re not looking to find one post-secondary institution to replace the University of Guelph. What we’re looking at doing as a municipality creating a corporation that would manage the campus, own it, and offer space to post-secondary institutions to deliver programs from that space,” said Carre.

“It’s very different from what you’ve seen in Ontario before.”


March 13, 2015

Brockville Recorder & Times: Talks on new college cohort continue

It’s been one year since the University of Guelph pulled the plug on operations at Kemptville College and the incredibly shrinking colleges may be poised to get even smaller next fall.

A pledge by the Ontario Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities to offer three agricultural-related programs for 35 students leaves Leeds-Grenville MPP Steve Clark with a sinking feeling the facility will continue to be denied adequate resources to keep the campus on its feet.


February 16, 2015

Eastern Ontario AgriNews: Op Ed: Land Grab

During the offloading process undertaken by the University of Guelph vis-a-vis its two Eastern Ontario satellite campuses, it slowly became clear that not all of the assets were being dumped.

In the case of Kemptville College, U of G had no intention of ridding itself of the campus field research station at Winchester. It quietly, matter-of-factly always intended to hang on to the prime farmland in question; it has already installed new tile drainage and plans to build a small administration building on the site.

Kemptville facilitator Lyle Vanclief referred to land grab in his official report on the future of the campus, as a done deal, as something U of G apparently had a right to do without question or objection.


Dollars for Alfred, talk for Kemptville

Alfred campus won Ontario's financial commitment for an intake of students this fall, while Kemptville received no such closure reprieve from Minister of Food, Agriculture and Rural Affairs Minister Jeff Leal.

Instead, supporters of the 97-year-old campus learned Jan. 30 that the Kemptville facilities will at least be open for public use while talks continue toward an eventual transfer of the site to the local municipality once the final University of Guelph students have gone. Another working group will also be formed


DFO still gets to meet at Kemptville

In his Dec. 8 report, the provincial facilitator examining the future of the Kemptville College campus criticized the outgoing University of Guelph's sudden end to public facility rentals last fall.

The situation appears to have prompted the move of a couple of traditional campus events -- Eastern Ontario Crop Day and Woodlot Day -- set to take place this month off campus at North Grenville Municipal Centre.

However, a prominent exception is this month's annual Kemptville Dairy Day, still scheduled for the campus's W. B. George Centre. (Coincidence or not, the Dairy Farmers of Ontario have a critical say over the U of G's aspiration for more production quota at its Elora, Ontario dairy facility.)


Mayor foresees reviving Kemtpville's heart and soul

For nearly a century, Kemptville College has been the "heart and soul" of the community, and North Grenville Mayor David Gordon is determined to get it back.

With a provincial decision deadline looming, Gordon is "very optimistic" that a submission put forth by Lyle Vanclief, who was appointed by the province to explore options for the future of the campus, will be accepted. The submission outlines the Municipality of North Grenville's desire to assume, in collaboration with the province, the maintenance and operation responsibilities currently being undertaken by the University of Guelph.

The vision is to transform the College into a multi-tenant campus offering research, education, training, and economic development opportunities to various strategic, collaborative partners, as well as opportunities to deliver regional and provincial health and wellness services.

"Lyle Vanclief's report states that the municipality would be the best to run the campus," Gordon said. "I was totally amazed with the Vanclief report. I thought it was a great report. I'll put it this way: I don't think the government sent Lyle here to close it down. They sent him here to find a solution. And as far as I'm concerned, if you read the whole report, he's definitely opened up the roads to finding a solution."

He added that the solution should be made more clear very shortly.


February 1, 2015

Brockville Recorder & Times: College proposal endorsed

Fits like a glove, or falls short of the mark?

Local reaction was mixed Friday to a response issued by Ontario’s Liberal government to a facilitator’s report on the future of Kemptville College.

North Grenville Mayor David Gordon says the province’s framework for moving forward supports a proposal from former federal agriculture minister Lyle Vanclief to turn the 97-year-old facility over to the municipality to be operated by a non-profit board.

“This is what we were hoping for. There’s a lot of work still to be done but I feel basically the government is following Lyle Vanclief’s report right to the letter,” said North Grenville Mayor David Gordon.


January 31, 2015

Ottawa Citizen Reevely: Eastern Ontario's agriculture colleges appear pretty much done for

The francophone agricultural college in Alfred will keep taking new students while the provincial government and Eastern Ontario townships try to figure out how to keep it alive, the provincial government announced Friday.

It is, let’s say, a hopeful prospect.

A similar optimistic outlook doesn’t hold for the Alfred college’s sister campus in Kemptville, the second of two satellite campuses of the University of Guelph that have been on the brink of closure for many months, since the university said it was tired of losing money on them.

The Kemptville campus, nearly a century old, is to be given to the municipality of North Grenville, which hopes to keep at least some trades classes there but will likely have to find a lot of other people interested in the 340-hectare property if it is to keep it working as a hub for education, community uses and commerce.


January 30, 2015

The Peterborough Examiner: Farmers express fears to Leal over pesticides crackdown

(There is considerable KCAT content in the article.)

A visit to Leeds County gave Ontario's new agriculture, food and rural affairs minister a fresh taste of farm issues beguiling his portfolio, including the fate of a storied area ag college.

Jeff Leal, MPP for Peterborough, got an earful of advice from close to 50 straight-talking farmers at the Roosburg Farms robotic dairy operation near Athens during a tour of agricultural facilities in Leeds and Frontenac counties Thursday.

Leal faced concern in particular over the future of the once-proud agricultural college in Kemptville from an audience that included many graduates from the facility.


January 29, 2015

Juice FM: Minister Leal not yet ready to
comment on Kemptville College as he tours area

The Honourable Jeff Leal is in Leeds Grenville today, on a farm tour. His office spoke to Juice FM this morning and they confirmed the visit but said they are not yet ready to give feedback on the provincial facilitator’s report on the future of Kemptville College. In that report, the Hon. Lyle Vanclief recommended operations of the local campus be handed over to the Municipality of North Grenville. The Minister of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs said he and partner ministries would carefully review the report and provide comments on the future of the college by the end of January. Minister Leal’s office said there should be a press release coming next week.

January 29, 2015

The Peterborough Examiner: Farmers express fears to Leal over pesticides crackdown

(There is considerable KCAT content in the article.)

A visit to Leeds County gave Ontario's new agriculture, food and rural affairs minister a fresh taste of farm issues beguiling his portfolio, including the fate of a storied area ag college.

Jeff Leal, MPP for Peterborough, got an earful of advice from close to 50 straight-talking farmers at the Roosburg Farms robotic dairy operation near Athens during a tour of agricultural facilities in Leeds and Frontenac counties Thursday.

Leal faced concern in particular over the future of the once-proud agricultural college in Kemptville from an audience that included many graduates from the facility.


January 17, 2015

Eastern Ontario Agrinews: Vanclief
recommends Municipal takeover

Provincial facilitator Lyle Vanclief found less than fertile ground for the return of agricultural programs at the slated-to-close Kemptville campus, but that's likely to become the Municipality of North Grenville's tough row to hoe.


Farmers Forum: Sell the College

After five months of discussion, the province’s facilitator charged with determining on the future of Kemptville College recommended what the province had already decided: Dump the college.


January 5, 2015

Guelph Mercury: Agriculture minister mulling options on former University of Guelph campuses in eastern Ontario

... Vanclief contacted eight university and college educational institutions in Canada and U.S. to explore if there was an interest in taking over Kemptville's programs. No commitment was forthcoming. He states in his report that the renewal of Kemptville will not occur overnight.

He concludes the only agricultural academic program with the potential to be offered at Kemptville in the foreseeable future "is an international agricultural school for foreign students operated by a private company and funded by the students and government of that country."


December 23, 2014

Brockville Recorder & Times: Degree potential 'limited'.

Preserving a diploma program at Kemptville College is no easy task, a facilitator’s report on the future of the facility concludes.

The recently released report, by provincially appointed facilitator Lyle Vanclief, recommends the Liberal government transfer the University of Guelph’s Kemptville campus to the Municipality of North Grenville, which intends to turn it into a training facility called the Kemptville Centre for Rural Advancement.

However, Vanclief’s report sounds a pessimistic tone about the future of diploma programs at the college.

“A major decision, such as offering academic diploma programs at another campus by an existing educational provider, requires at least a few years of upfront planning, analysis and development before such a decision can be made by the institution and approval is received from MTCU (Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities) for funding,” writes Vanclief.


Brockville Recorder & Times: Many uses proposed for college

Could Kemptville College be turned into a school for young people with autism? What about a health and wellness centre or a private agricultural school for foreign students?

Those are some of the ideas that emerged during provincial facilitator Lyle Vanclief’s consultations on the future of the University of Guelph’s Kemptville campus, which is now marked for closure.


December 19, 2014

Ottawa Citizen: Kemptville college can survive but not as an agriculture school, adviser says

Kemptville’s agricultural college should be handed over to North Grenville to run as a multipurpose community hub, an adviser hired by the provincial government says.

It could still be used for some educational programs, such as welding, but its days as an agriculture institute catering to Eastern Ontario farmers are done, according to a report from Lyle Vanclief, a former federal agriculture minister. Pieces of it will probably be sold.


Brockville Recorder & Times: Transfer ag college: Vanclief

A provincial facilitator’s report on Kemptville College has only one recommendation: hand the endangered facility over to the Municipality of North Grenville.

And Leeds-Grenville MPP Steve Clark is taking the Liberal government to task for not leaving facilitator Lyle Vanclief with a better option.

Vanclief’s report into the future of the University of Guelph’s Kemptville campus recommends the province “enter into negotiations with the Municipality of North Grenville to transfer the ongoing management and operation of the Kemptville College Campus to the municipality.”


Better Farming: Tough road ahead for eastern Ontario ag colleges, say reports


November 15, 2014

Eastern Ontario AgriNews: Municipality tenders Kemptville proposal Cites four potential' partners

The creation of a new Kemptville Centre for Rural Advancement' has been recommended in a report commissioned by the local municipality hosting the threatened Kemptville campus.

Tabled Oct. 29 at the North Grenville Council meeting, the report by Ottawa's McSweeney and Associates is being touted by Kemptville College Renwall Task Force Chair Marty Derks as the type of "concrete proposal" sought by provincial facilitator Lyle Vanclief. The former federal Agriculture and Agri-Food minister for Canada is set to make recommendations on the future of the 97-year-old facility in his own report to provincial Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs Minister Jeff Leal later this fall.

"This report paves the way forward for a sustainable solution for the Kemptville College campus," said Derks in his regular written update on Task Force activities.


November 15, 2014

Eastern Ontario AgriNews: Vanclief emphasizes shared responsibility at bleak' session

If members of the public were under the illusion that Vanclief would provide answers on the future direction of the Kemptville campus -- let alone assure a guarantee of the facility's preservation -- his Oct. 21 input-gathering session certainly lowered expectations.

The provincially appointed facilitator emphasized to the less-than-capacity crowd at the W.B. George Centre that his purpose was to gather their input on keeping the campus open in some capacity. More than once, he met suggestions from the floor with an invitation to the speaker to send him a proposal on making their ideas a reality.

"We all have a responsibility to make it work. We can't sit back and say, I hope they can do it,'" Vanclief said, summarizing his approach near the end of the session.


November 7, 2014

Standard-Freeholder: Focus on Kemptville, Alfred colleges' future

Major steps are pending for eastern Ontario's two agricultural colleges as they reshape their futures.

Two facilitators will be reporting to the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs on how to keep rural-flavoured post-secondary education alive in eastern Ontario.


Farmers Forum: Hope still alive for Kemptville College

College needs primary backer to cover the bills but no word if anyone is interested.

Ron Burgess has no illusions about what it’ll take to save Kemptville College: a major backer. A stand-alone college is a non-starter.

A lot is unknown and people waver between losing hope and clinging to a thread of optimism, said the president of the Kemptville College Alumni Association. But a recent meeting with an interested institution has given him confidence.


October 31, 2014 Suggestions for future of Kemptville Campus heard at Oct. 21 public meeting

Don't give up hope yet, the Hon. Lyle Vanclief said at a public meeting held on the future of the Kemptville Campus on Tuesday, Oct. 21 - he's doing everything in his power to keep the school alive and well.

"Have I got all the answers yet? No," he said on the subject, "But am I optimistic? Yes. Am I realistic? Yes."


CBC Radio: Kemptville College should run through not-for-profit

The survival of Kemptville College relies on the Municipality of North Grenville running it through a not-for-profit corporation, according to a report commissioned by the municipality. The report, shared with councillors on Wednesday, advised the best long-term solution for the campus would be to own and manage the physical space through what is called the Kemptville Centre for Rural Advancement.


Eastern Ontario Network: Report delivers
concrete options for Kemptville

“The provincial facilitator, the Hon. Lyle Vanclief, asked for concrete proposals – this report paves the way forward for a sustainable solution for the Kemptville College campus.” said Marty Derks, Chair of the Kemptville College Renewal Task Force. “The proposal that we have delivered to Mr. Vanclief will ensure that skills development programs at the new Kemptville Centre for Rural Advancement will be focused on the current and future needs of employers in Eastern Ontario.”


October 17, 2014

Farmers Forum: Make your pitch on Oct. 21 for the future of Kemptville College

By Brandy Harrison

KEMPTVILLE — Farmers are going to get their chance at face time with someone who has a big say in the future of Kemptville College.

Lyle Vanclief, the provincially-appointed facilitator for the college, wants the public to have their say ahead of his report to the minister of training, colleges and universities later this fall. The Oct. 21 meeting will be held at 7 p.m. in the college’s W.B. George Centre.


College campus — too quiet and empty — Only 262 students on Kemptville campus for what could be college’s last year

By Brandy Harrison

KEMPTVILLE — With empty classrooms and no music blaring in the dorms, Kemptville College just isn’t the same, says agriculture student Cameron Halpenny.

"There is barely anybody here. It’s quiet on most nights," says the 20-year-old, whose family runs Penny Lane Holsteins in Merrickville. "Some days it feels like any other day. Other times it feels like this is really the end of it all. Once we’re gone, it’s done."


North Grenville Times: College Supporters called together for Harvest Fest

In the face of impending campus closure, the Kemptville College Foundation is going ahead with its biggest annual fundraiser, Harvest Fest, Oct. 25.

Consultant starts work at Kemptville College

After what had seemed like weeks on inaction, a special consultant has been named by the Municipal Council to draw up a draft development plan for the future of Kempville College. McSweeney & Associates are an experienced and respected firm, and Eric McSweeney is very well acquainted with North Grenville, having been the consultant who drew up previous Community Strategic Plans for the municipality.

read more online...

October 6, 2014

Brockville Recorder & Times: College not in 'playbook': MPP

Ontario's agriculture minister has his “playbook” and it does not even mention Kemptville College, says Leeds-Grenville MPP Steve Clark.

The Progressive Conservative MPP and opposition house leader said Friday Premier Kathleen Wynne’s 2014 mandate letter to Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs Minister Jeff Leal also makes no mention of agriculture education.


September 18, 2014

Better Farming: Municipality eases worries about Kemptville agricultural college's future

The eastern Ontario municipality of North Grenville is prepared to operate the University of Guelph's Kemptville campus until a permanent organization ...


September 14, 2014

CKWS Television (Kingston): New business plan being put together to save Kemptville College

Leeds Grenville MPP Steve Clark says he is fighting to ensure the long-term survival of Kemptville's agriculture ...

“All we need is the political will at Queen’s Park by the Wynne Government to move some of those great ideas forward. I’m sure that by the time the house goes back in October, on October 20th that we’ll hear more from the minister on what his plans are for Kemptville College. ”


Eastern Ontario AgriNews: Down to business

In the race to save Kemptville and Alfred campuses of the University of Guelph, Alfred is staying out in front.

While Alfred's fate isn't finalized and college director Dr. Renee Bergeron isn't sure who's going to be signing staff paycheques next year, things are humming along; there has even been an upswing in student enrolment.

Meanwhile, over at Kemptville, things are grinding along.

At this juncture, the Kemptville College Renewal Task Force is scrambling to raise the funds necessary to finance a professional business plan in support of its vision for the college's future as a sustainable agricultural educational institution.


August 28, 2014

Standard Freeholder: PC leader urges area ag boost

... Conservative Party leader Jim Wilson framed the decision by the University of Guelph and the provincial government to close the Kemptville campus ...


August 26, 2014 Ridgetown Not Seeing Impact Of Eastern Campus Closures

The impending closure of the University of Guelph's Kemptville and Alfred campus hasn't translated into a large spike in interest in Ridgetown. Director Ken McEwan says...


August 14, 2014

Eastern Ontario AgriNews: Transformation envisioned for Kemptville campus

By Nelson Zandbergen and Pamela Pearson - AgriNews Staff Writers

KEMPTVILLE Little concrete information emerged about prospective educational operators who may have kicked the tires at Kemptville campus, during the latest town hall meeting on the future of the 97-year-old institution.


North Grenville Times: New directions for Kemptville College

Currently in print only, will be available online in the near future...

August 8, 2014

Farmers Forum: New Kemptville College will take more time, task force says

In talks with groups interested in backing a new Kemptville College, the college’s renewal task force is keeping the details close to the chest while it waits for a provincial facilitator’s report this fall.


Farmers Forum: China group wanted to send 200 ag students to Kemptville yearly

In August 2009, former Semex consultant Robert Lang brought a delegation from Henan province in China to Kemptville College. The following summer, a high-level Chinese delegation from Hunan province journeyed to Kemptville where it met with the Ontario deputy minister of agriculture, and some college staff, including lecturer Don Mercer.


Farmers Forum: Why 'Rob' is the best bet to save Kemptville College

You want to save the Kemptville College's herd and quota, but what specific dairy research are you going to do that isn't already done at Cornell University and the Miner Institute?

article available in print only...

July 30, 2014

North Grenville Times:
Reporting on positive developments for Kemptville College Renewal

Chinese interest in Kemptville College.
Renewal of Kemptville College.
Huge Potential for agribusiness in North Grenville

read the articles in print on-line....

July 17, 2014

Brockville Recorder & Times:
Task force sets three targets

KEMPTVILLE - Provincial facilitator Lyle Vanclief received plenty of advice Wednesday to begin the transformation of a declining Kemptville College into a sustainable institution.

Vanclief, officially re-appointed less than two weeks ago by the Liberal government, heard from a renewal task force he should establish a local advisory panel to guide new programming, utilize strategic partnerships to develop strengths and support North Grenville's offer to administer the facility on an interim basis.


July 12, 2014

Guelph Mercury: Former MPs to help seek new uses for University of Guelph satellite campuses facing closure

GUELPH—Two former Members of Parliament will work as facilitators to try to help find new futures for the University of Guelph's Kemptville and Alfred campuses.


July 10, 2014

Ottawa Citizen: Hundreds expected at public meeting about future of Kemptville College

Hundreds of residents are expected to flock to a meeting at the W.B. George Centre at Kemptville College on Wednesday evening to discuss options about how to keep the school alive.

During question period earlier this week, Jeff Leal, the minister of agriculture, food and rural affairs announced that Lyle Vanclief, who previously served as the federal agriculture minister, was appointed as a facilitator to the project.


July 7, 2014

Leeds-Grenville MPP Steve Clark raises the question of Kemptville College on the first day of question period

read the news release...

July 3, 2014 New Ontario agriculture minister to visit Kemptville college

Ontario’s newly appointed agriculture minister Jeff Leal is headed to the endangered agricultural college in Kemptville.

“I want to get to Kemptville as quickly as possible. In fact my scheduling people are looking at dates this morning,” Leal told iPolitics in a telephone interview from Queen’s Park on Wednesday. Also the minister of rural affairs, Leal was named agriculture minister on June 24.
Leal said he’d also spoken to Lyle Vanclief, the province-appointed facilitator on the Kemptville file, earlier Wednesday morning. Leal promised to visit the Eastern Ontario campus “as soon as possible”


Star 97.5 FM Minister of Agriculture to visit Kemptville Campus in coming days

Ontario’s new Minister of Agriculture, Jeff Leal said he is coming to Kemptville. In an interview with published July 2, Leal said he wants to get to Kemptville as quickly as possible, and his scheduling people are looking at available dates. Also the minister of rural affairs, Leal was named agriculture minister on June 24. Leal said he has also spoken to the Hon. Lyle Vanclief, the provincial facilitator appointed to work with the Kemptville College Renewal Task Force on a local solution to the local U of Guelph campus closure. Despite repeated requests by the Task Force and other members of local and regional government following the March 12 closure announcement, Premier Kathleen Wynne has not visited the Kemptville campus.

The Municipality of North Grenville has offered to look at ways to operate the campus for a 3-year interim period following the U of G departure. A public town hall meeting to present options will be held on Wednesday, July 16th.


See Woodie Armour's latest installment; "Marketing," in his Kemptville College series in the North Grenville Times.

in print only...

June 27, 2014

Brockville Recorder & Times:
Saving College on 'front burner'

KEMPTVILLE - Kemptville College is a top priority for Ontario's new agriculture minister, his spokesman said Wednesday.

Jeff Leal, who took over the agriculture portfolio from Premier Kathleen Wynne in the new cabinet announced Tuesday, plans to resume the process of securing the school's future where it left off before the election, said spokesman Mark Cripps.

“That work is back on the front burner,” said Cripps. “Minister Leal will likely have something to say about that early next week.”


June 24, 2014

"Innovation and Opportunity" by Woodie Armour in the North Grenville Times

In print only.


Brockville Recorder & Times: Interim Solution for Kemptville College?

KEMPTVILLE - The municipality of North Grenville is hopeful it will be able to operate Kemptville College on an interim basis, until a permanent solution for the campus can be found.

North Grenville mayor David Gordon said the municipality is seeking approval from the government to operate the college for a three-year period.

We were looking at various options where the municipality could be a true partner and we came up with this position,” said Gordon.


June 20, 2014

North Grenville Times,  Local processing, local innovation, market development

by Woodie Armour

I find something odd about the proposed solution the College Task Force is using in its attempt to revitalize the college, i.e. farming out the management to a third party.

Some time ago, the College appeared to be in a state of terminal decline, so the University of Guelph was brought in to "stabilize and rebuild" the situation. Within a short period of time, Guelph University surveyed the College, picked off some of Kemptville's assets and sent them back to home base; then announced they were leaving.

Now the Task Force is proposing to repeat this process. ...

I believe in a "do-it-yourself, made-at-home solution". We have the local ability, so don't abdicate local responsibility as a leader; be innovative, chart a new course. ...

I propose a food processing sector "within" the college. This center would be located within the cafeteria kitchen area, which is already a Ministry-approved food production area. This idea of food processing is a favoured topic in the Growing Forward 2 funding. It would be very quick to start up, just weeks.

in print only...
June 19, 2014

Steve Clark says Kemptville
College remains top priority

In last week's election Leeds-Grenville MPP Steve Clark received a renewed mandate to lead Leeds-Grenville, even if his party failed to win the premiership and lost seats at Queen's Park. ... "The encouraging thing that I saw in the election was that every party spoke in favour of keeping the college and supporting the good work the task force is engaged in and I am hoping that goodwill will spill over into the Wynne government," said Clark.

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June 12, 2014

Kemptville Campus releases offers of admission

As of Thursday, June 12, 2014, the University of Guelph's Kemptville Campus is pleased to announce that it will be releasing offers of admission for the two-year Co-op Diploma Apprenticeship in Agriculture and Heavy Duty Equipment Technician and Co-op Diploma Apprenticeship for Horticultural Technician programs for the September 2014 intake.

...more information

The brown cow solution

A few weeks ago, Kemptville College was slated for closure. There was an outcry and, as a result, a committee was formed rather quickly.

No small or medium sized farmer of any type (the object of the college's existence) was appointed to this Committee. No beekeepers, no sheep farmers, no flower growers, no horticultural people, nor anyone from the equine group, and no egg or chicken producers.

This, then, is the brown cow solution, part one. ...

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June 11, 2014

Ontario election 2014: Candidates asked
about ag campuses

Via email, The AgriNews asked all of the candidates in the three easternmost rural ridings -- Leeds-Grenville, Stormont-Dundas-South Glengarry and Glengarry-Prescott-Russell -- four identical questions about their stance on the future of the agricultural college campuses in Eastern Ontario.


The obvious choice

Who better than Pat Remillard to take on the thankless job of interim director of Kemptville Campus, replacing Dr. Claude Naud whose retirement became effective at the end of May?

It's "interim", not because the University of Guelph is looking for somebody else on a permanent basis, but because Remillard will be the last person in that position, at least under the auspices of U of G.


FCC contributes to U of G's Elora dairy research facility

To develop and encourage innovative ideas within the dairy industry, Farm Credit Canada (FCC) donated $25,000 to the University of Guelph to support the construction of a new leading-edge dairy research facility, the Research and Innovation Centre, Dairy Phase.

"We're proud to support initiatives that champion efforts made by the agriculture industry to enhance its positive impacts on the lives of Canadians," said Barry Smith, FCC Vice-President, Operations - Western Ontario. "FCC's mandate is to enhance rural Canada. That's why you'll find us wherever you find agriculture."

"The University of Guelph and the dairy industry appreciate FCC's commitment to increasing dairy research and teaching capacity," according to Dr. Rene Van aAcker, Associate Dean - External, University of Guelph. "We're very excited about the impact this new facility will have - from world-class research and teaching to the development of high-quality personnel for the dairy industry."

See print copy for further details.

May 30, 2014

Community faces unexpected challenge head-on

In last year’s edition, growth in North Grenville was partially attributed to transparency and the roles of Council and staff as cornerstones to attracting people and businesses to the Community.
“While we continue to improve our service delivery, a serious blow was dealt to another cornerstone of the Municipality being the announcement that the University of Guelph Kemptville Campus would be closing its doors in 2015,” said CAO Brian Carré. “This post-secondary institution is a pillar of the community and an economic driver in both our Municipality and the United Counties of Leeds and Grenville”.


May 22, 2014

Groups Look at Kemptville College Campus of U of G

JackFM 92.3 – The Kemptville College Renewal Task Force continues the work of finding a way to keep the Kemptville Campus of the University of Guelph operating. Earlier this week two private organizations interested in operating the college toured the campus. On Tuesday Kemptville College Renewal Task Force Chair Brian Carre told the Committee of the Whole, there are opportunities for international affiliation, research and education with both groups. The Task Force has also been notified that more applications are expected, before the May 28th deadline. A high-level preliminary meeting has been before the application deadline


May 16, 2014

Eastern Ontario AgriNews Fight turns to
keeping the 'ag' in Kemptville College

KEMPTVILLE – The grassroots movement that aims to save Kemptville Agricultural College rallied again with outrage last month – and that was before Ontarians learned they are headed to the polls to render judgement on the Wynne government this spring

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May 16, 2014

Eastern Ontario AgriNews Alfred encouraged by intervention at Kemptville Campus ALFRED

The Alfred College Community Council is congratulating the government of Ontario for its intervention to maintain the certificate and apprenticeship programs at Kemptville Campus for the coming year. The governments direct investment means that the certificate and apprenticeship programs are extended for one year so that Kemptville Campus can seek new partners.


May 14, 2014

StarFM 97.5

At Monday’s regular meeting of municipal council, Kemptville College Renewal Task Force Chair Brian Carre said he had received confirmation that Task Force representatives would be meeting with the University of Guelph to outline a transition process for when the new service provider for Kemptville College is identified. It’s full steam ahead for the Task Force; they will be accepting Expressions of Interest from potential partners until May 28th. A public Town Hall Meeting is scheduled for June 14th, to bring the community up to date.


May 12, 2014

StarFM 97.5: New Trade Programs Announced at Kemptville Campus

The University of Guelph, Kemptvillle Campus is maintaining a number of trades and special skills programs at the Kemptville Campus for the 2014/2015 academic year. As announced on April 22, the Kemptville Campus received $2 million in one-time funding from the Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities to support the full cost of 10 additional trades programs being offered at the campus. Students applying to these programs are encouraged to do so as soon as possible, and no later than June 30th.


May 9, 2014

Better Farming: Province puts Kemptville, Alfred facilitators on hold 

Two facilitators appointed to assist Eastern Ontario communities with plans to keep their agricultural schools open won’t start until after the provincial election.